Pieces of time that we taped on the hills
DV / 8min55 / 2014
video installation (split-screen)

photography & direction: Stéphane Charpentier
editing & direction: Patrick Andrew Boivin
sound design: Alyssa Moxley

Over ten days, the artists collected footage of the shifting textures of the olive groves
outside the village of Selassia in the south of Greece.
The variations of perspective in the split screen views of the landscape suggest a state
of contemplation and an erasure of human presence, through the simultaneous observation
of panorama and detail, long and short term. Echoing the dualism of the split screen
and the placement of the observer as a subjective filter, the sound is edited to reflect
an inward experience of the environment; space is interior and exterior, real and imagined.

The project was created during the Koumaria Residency in October 2014
With thanks to Medea Electronique