What to Know Before Getting Your First Psychic Reading

Getting in touch with an advisor for a psychic reading is definitely an intimidating process. You have no idea where to turn to find some good and real psychics, but at the same time, you feel a bit anxious about opening yourself in front of a stranger. No matter how intimidated you feel, a psychic will always welcome you with a friendly face and a relaxing atmosphere – there is nothing to worry about.


The process does not have to be too daunting if you know what to pay attention to. Before moving on, you need to know what online psychics actually are, what they do and what specialties they may have. For example, you may need a psychic who is specialized in love and relationship or perhaps reach some psychic mediums.


You need to understand what you might be able to hear during your online psychic readings too, not to mention learning about the extrasensory perceptions that allow advisors to discover information and receive messages from the world beyond. Some famous psychics use their intuition only, while others may also use tools like tarot cards, astrology, crystals, and so on.


It is worth noting that such skills may take years to develop. Sure, psychics are naturally born with such capabilities, but they must be honed with time. All in all, whether you are trying to find closure after losing a loved one, finding your soulmate, or landing the perfect job, here is everything you need to know before getting the best psychic reading ever – be it a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading.


Do your homework


A bit of research may take time, but it is quite important before getting a free online psychic reading – even if you are offered a psychic reading as a trial. It makes no difference if you choose an independent psychic or you go through one of those portals that allow cheap psychics to sell their services online. While most of these psychic sites double-check who they allow in, you still need to do your homework.


Go through a psychic’s specialties or perhaps the areas they are best in. Go through the hundreds or thousands of testimonials available from past clients – this is probably the most important part of the process. Different advisors use different tools for their online psychic readings – go for something that you are comfortable with.


For example, you can find lots of online psychics dealing with astrology or tarot cards. If you are interested in such things, you can find a reader who deals with these methods – sometimes, they must be requested upfront, so discuss it prior to the meeting. Questions related to your career? Tap a career advisor.


Become familiar with online readings


You can get a cheap psychic reading face to face, but you can also find online advisors and get a phone psychic reading or perhaps a  free psychic chat. Some psychics may even provide readings through video calls – whatever you feel comfortable with. While there are still plenty of professionals running classic readings, more and more people turn to the online industry.


The best part is that your aura and energy are not attached to your location – in other words, real psychics can read it regardless of your location. What makes this option so popular? First, you can find psychics with all kinds of specialties. Second, you can get a cheap psychic reading from the comfort of your home. Third, you have full anonymity, so you are more likely to open up.


Furthermore, while psychics providing such services over online portals are well researched before being allowed in, such a psychic reading will also give you peace of mind because you know that the experience is more authentic. The psychic cannot read your body language and act based on your emotions.


Some people might be a little skeptical about online spiritual readings, yet many famous psychics provide their services over the Internet with no issues at all. Your energy field can be accessed from any part of the world – the psychic does not have to be next to you. The energy they read from the world beyond is not relevant to your location.


Allow the psychic to guide you


It is perfectly normal to have questions. You want the best free psychic reading online, so you want to gain good value for money. However, it is important to know that advisors tend to guide the session. You cannot push it in the direction you want because it is not how it works. Sure, you and your psychic will have to vibe – you need to get to know each other and have a little chat first.


On the same note, you might feel eager to share as many details as possible while discussing it to a psychic – forget about it. You pay a professional for the time they offer you. Therefore, let them do their job. Plus, they can direct you based on the energy they feel. A professional advisor will do most of the talking and ask you for confirmation here and there.


Why should you keep all the small things private? There are two reasons. If you end up discussing with a professional advisor, you will most likely frustrate them by providing the story of your life. No one needs it. On the other hand, if you end up discussing with a scammer, you will provide way too much information, so they can provide a reading based on what you said.


Keep an eye on time


This is one of the best things when you discuss with psychic mediums over different portals. You will usually load your account up and spend what you have. You cannot spend more than what you have. You can, however, end your session in the middle of an important conversation. You will usually be prompted – end the call or add more money. Just make sure you keep an eye on your time.


Go in with an open mind


No psychic can provide the best psychic reading if you are negative about it, you are having a bad day or you are simply blocking everyone from tapping into your aura. If you are negative about it, do not even bother – you need an open mind. If you are having a bad day, it is better to reschedule or you will waste both your money and time.


Your manners are just as important


It is perfectly normal to fail to connect to free psychics. It happens. A psychic is just like any other individual you meet – you either vibe or not. Just because free psychics cannot connect to your energy, it does not mean that there is something wrong. Simply find another professional. You two are not vibing, so look elsewhere.


You may also have a bad feeling about it – you feel like there is no connection, so you want to complete the session. Do not just hang up. Be polite and explain that things are going in a different direction, so you do not wish to continue. Treat a psychic just like you would treat any other professional, whether you get the reading over the phone or face to face.


Be careful with scammers


There are lots of reasons wherefore people seek psychic help. But at the same time, this industry is so good that lots of scammers try to get a bite out of it too. This is normally referred to as a cold psychic reading. The so-called psychic draws information about you and your life and provides a reading without having any abilities.


For example, no psychic will ever be able to tell you the winning lottery numbers or the day of your death. No psychic is 100% accurate either. If you end up with such claims, it might be better to move on – you are about to waste your money.




As a short final conclusion, psychic reading require a bit of education before diving in. Whether you end up with a free psychic reading as a trial, a special offer, a phone or chat reading, you need to know what to expect and how this experience can change your life.


On the other hand, curiosity is not a good reason to see a psychic. Make sure you know precisely why you want a reading and try to lead the advisor in the respective direction – questions are absolutely normal, but they must be asked at the right time.